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Through the Trials

 I met a man along my hike
 He was carrying a pack and a broken bike
 All his trash looked like quite a rig
 I asked him “Why do you have a pack so big?”

 “This heavy weight upon my back”
 He said as he adjusted his pack
 “It gets heavier every single mile
 When I face another difficult trial”

 “Everything just seems to go wrong
 The days are gloomy and very long
 I don’t see a reason to flip my frown
 The sun’s not out, and the rain is coming down”

 “I can barely walk this road
 I stumble carrying the heavy load
 I feel so tired and very weak
 To be honest it’s hard for me to speak”

 We sat down for a little while
 And I said to him with a smile
 “You mind if I share some things I’ve learned
 Through the trials and the scars I’ve earned”

 “Here’s what I’ve learned along the way
 I trust what God’s Word has to say
 Trust in the Lord, He’ll call you friend
 He’ll give you strength until the end”

 “The troubles will always start to brew
 But God’s promises everyday renew
 No matter how difficult the trial
 Remember the pain only lasts awhile”

“It’s through Christ alone, He gives the power
 Through every obstacle everyday of every hour
 I find a joy through every trial
 Knowing my faith is stronger every mile”

 “He gives strength to the weak
 And comfort to those who seek
With God there’s nothing we can’t endure
For God’s promises are true and pure”

“Drop your burdens at His feet
 And a place of rest you can meet
 Through God you can have peace
 And all your stresses He will release”

 He looked at me in awe
 His emotions they were raw
 “You’re saying God will lift my pack?”
 He asked as he dropped it off his back

 “That is what God’s Word has to say
 Trust in Him, He’ll show you the way
 Amazing love and amazing grace
 Is what Jesus had when He took our place”

 “That place of course was a tree
 Jesus died for the sins of you and me
 Trust in Him through the good and bad
 There’s rest at Jesus’ feet to be had”

-𝓒. 𝓗𝓪𝔀𝓴-

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