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Body Building

 Christ is the head of the church, and we as a part of His body must, of necessity, submit to His will and seek His direction. What does he desire for His church? What is His mind? Even a quick reading of the Apostle Paul’s first letter to Timothy gives us insight into the importance placed upon the church and those areas that most interest the Lord. One such area is sound doctrine in the church, and another is a life separated unto Christ.
 Remaining true to the Scriptures as they have been handed down to us by the apostles is paramount. We must maintain a tenacity in holding to what we believe and become adept as to why we believe it. Never should there be a cold or dead orthodoxy, for the Word of God is living and breathes life into a church that is careful and considerate of increasing in the knowledge of the God of the Word. A passion and vitality must exist coupled with an accurate rendering of biblical teachings. Sound or healthy doctrine will give the needed strength and stability for the church. There are many false teachings that are broadcast by which the church can become infected, and disease can set in to the detriment or death of the body. Thus, the following admonitions are given:

    1 Tim 1:3 – Teach no other doctrine
    1 Tim 4:13 – Give attendance to doctrine
    1 Tim 4:16 – Take heed to the doctrine and continue in them
    1 Tim 5:17 – Labor in the Word and Doctrine
    1 Tim 6:1-3 – These things teach and exhort while consenting to the doctrine
 Orthodoxy (correct beliefs) and Orthopraxy (correct actions) are intricately connected. Springing from purity of “the Faith” comes a purity of life in accordance with those cherished teachings. We must conduct ourselves with the utmost care so that the doctrines of the church are not looked upon with disdain by those outside of it or those inside of it.  Christ’s reputation is not just based upon what we say but coupled with what we do. Separation unto Christ means practicing what we preach, as noted below:
   Purity should be pervasive and preserved among members  (1 Tim 4:12; 5:1-2, 22)
   Fidelity to family  (1 Tim 3:2, 4-5; 2:15)
   Restraint – Contentment  (1 Tim 3:3, 6:6-10)
   Clear Conscience toward God and men  (1 Tim. 1:5; 3:7, 9)

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