Pastor Gerald and Julie Hawk arrived January 2014 to lead the ministry at Good News.

Pastor Gerald’s Testimony Godly mothers are such a delight. I thank the Lord for the prayers and faithful encouragement of my mother. Under her guidance I attended a Bible believing and preaching church where God by His Spirit began to convict of sin. Then just a year prior to my conversion God saw fit to save and wholly transform my dad which made a tremendous impact on my life. I trusted Christ Jesus as my Savior at nine years old. He that began the work has been faithful, My God saved me to serve Him, and that is what I have done with my life by His grace. He has enabled me and equipped me. To Him be the glory! Hobbies: I enjoy most any sport, but I like soccer the best and have played it since I was a youth.

Julie’s Testimony I was born into a Pastor’s home. After hearing the Word of Christ I responded in faith at an early age. Then at ten years old my family left for the mission field of Mexico. During the time in Mexico I began to grow in grace while delving into the Word of God. It was a true delight to serve alongside my parents. The Lord’s calling to missions became evident as I ministered with them in the work of the church. Hobbies: I love flowers, camping, hiking, crocheting and reading.

Gerald and Julie